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About ME...


    Graduated Valedictorian in elementary and Salutatorian in high school, Marco Joseph B. Dela Cuesta is now studying at the New Era University taking up Business Education and Administration, major in Management, as president's lister. After his high school, he enrolled at the University of the Philippines' College of Music for three years. He is also studying his piano lessons at St. Cecilia School of Music. He is the choir master of the Magnificat Grand Chorale of San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila Parish in Bulacan.

    Mj's mother is a coordinator of the Department of Education in journalism. He has a single parent, a sister and two brothers. But in spite of these, he continue to cherish every single moment with his family. His brother Francis is now an electrical engineer in New Zealand and his oldest brother, Dave, is now one of the owners of Comic Alley, SM Fairview. He loves to play computer games specially warcraft. He actually spends one fourths of his weekends with his friends. He loves to jog every morning at a near subdivision in his home. He used to be at home studying his lessons every weekdays' mornings.

    During his secondary years, Mj loves to compete in different fields such as oration, declamation, journalism, singing and extemporaneous speaking. He is the president of the student council, San Jose del Monte Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign and Olla's Chorale. he is also the editor-in-chief of their school paper. He was awarded the leadership award by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2004. With all of these blessings, Mj don't forget to thank God every night.

    With the endeavor backed by perseverance and faith to God, Mj continue to pursue his dreams and be the best that he can be.



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